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Curborough Yearbook 2016

Curborough Yearbook 2016 The 2016 Curborough Yearbook is now available. SDCC Members should have received their own copy. Anyone visiting Curborough Sprint Course can ask for a FREE copy from the Paddock Office from Weds 6th April onwards. Anyone in the UK who wishes to receive a copy in the post can visit the Yearbook […]

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SDCC Entries Acknowledged 2016

July 10 – Preliminary Entries Updated – 23/06/2016 Name Acknowledged Matthew Walk 17/03/2016 Tom Harding 18/03/2016 Andy Harding 18/03/2016 Steve Brennan 16/03/2016 Dave Reed 16/03/2016 Peter Shenton 19/03/2016 John Caldicott 29/03/2016 Mark Williams 06/04/2016 Paul Evans 07/04/2016 Robert Swadkin 15/04/2016 Graham Harvey 11/04/2016 Dave Chesterton 12/04/2016 Jan Snape 14/04/2016 Sean Snape 14/04/2016 Keith Waters 13/04/2016 […]

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